Several courses require summer assignments for the as a precursor to the course offered in the 2016-2017 school year.  

REQUIRED for all honors classes and extra credit for regular (CP) level English Courses
Summer Assignments for English III AP:  Click HERE. (Current as of 05/25/2016)
Summer Assignments for English IV AP:  Click HERE.  (Current as of 05/25/2016)
for the Statement of Academic Integrity (required with all Summer Reading Assignments 9-12), Click HERE 
For Parent Tips on Summer Reading, click HERE.

CHOOSING A BOOK:  Below are possible titles for you to choose from. Don’t forget to see the different genre choices on your Summer Assignment.  Honors Students are strongly encouraged to use the College Board 100 Books for the College-Bound

Some of these are contemporary titles, so some may deal with subject matter that is mature.  Before selecting a title for approval, take time to do some background research – the web is full of reviews and descriptions that can help you decide if the book is appropriate for you.  Also, there are warnings about possible offensive language or subject matter that might help in your decision. Discuss your choice with your parents if you are concerned about subject matter.

 Some helpful Reading Lists
Summer Assignments for Honors Art:  Click HERE.
Summer Assignments for AP Art:  Click HERE  and   HERE.
Summer Assignments for AP Chemistry:  Click HERE.
If you took pre-calculus in the 2013-2014 school year and are signed up for calculus next year, click HERE for a review of concepts you have already learned to keep your math skills sharp before you enter calculus!
How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff
ISBN 0393310728
It can be found on Amazon for around $5.
If you have Stats in the Spring, it is recommended that you still read it this summer.  However you must read it before the first day of class in January. 

If you are signed-up or anticipate taking AP European History in the fall of 2016, please stop by Mr. Freebird's room 219 to pick up the "AP European History Summer Assignment" Packet. The assignments will be due the first week of school, so please make plans to pick this up and complete the assignments. Mr. Freebird is anxiously awaiting teaching another great semester of AP Euro. Thank-you