• Brandon Tate Camp Registration and Medical Form


    Camper Name:_____________________________________________________

    School:_________________  Position:________________ Grade:____________

    Age: _______________________________________________________________

    T-Shirt Size  Y-M_____    Y-L_____  S_____  M______  L _____ XL _____ XXL______

    Home Address:_______________________________________________________

    City:__________________ State:_____________________ Zip:________________

    Home Phone:____________________  Work Phone: _________________________


    Insurance Policy Holder:_________________________________________________

    Insurance Policy Number:________________________________________________

    Insurance Company:_____________________________________________________

    Note: Your Insurance will be the source of coverage if your child is injured.

    Physicians Name:_______________________________________________________

    Any known allergies, illnesses or injuries:____________________________________

    Date of last Tetanus Booster:______________________________________________

    This will certify that I am legal guardian for __________________________________

    And that he/she has had an adequate medical examination within a one year period and is physically able to participate in the activities of the Brandon Tate Football Camp.

    Applying for acceptance, I waive and release all rights and claims for any and all damages against the football camp or Cummings High School and it’s representatives. I hereby release and exonerate the camp and its employees from any injuries incurred in camp in camp or on the way to and from camp. In addition, I hereby state that the Brandon Tate Football Camp and Cummings High School is not responsible for any pre-existing illness or injury of the above Campers prior to the first day of camp. I give my written permission for my child to be treated by a medical doctor if deemed necessary by trainers or coaches responsible for camp operations.

    Parent or Guardian Signature:_________________________________________________________

    Emergency number:__________________________________________________________________




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