Kristen Gravely  

Leaves are already beginning to change color, student voices are filling our classrooms,  football uniforms are abundant on Fridays, yummy apples are plentiful, community Fall Festivals are just around the corner… I just love this time of year.  For years, growing up in VA and then in coastal NC, it was my true “beginning of school,” as school always began after Labor Day.  Yet, here we are,  now almost ready for report cards. Time flies!  


I have been so honored to have served as principal for the first month.  We have experienced some “bumps in the road” with things both outside of our control and within the “tweaking” range of our control, but overall we have had a successful opening.  Staff has remained positive and has been going above and beyond to provide an extra degree of attention.  Parents have been in contact with open questions, support, and ideas, for which I have been so thankful.  Staff and I have been steadily getting to know each other and beginning to build professional relationships that will be so crucial moving forward.  Our faith community has rallied around us with unwavering love. Still further, students have begun to give their high-fives and offer hugs… yay!


It is them that I want to remember as I close out this message to everyone. As we go throughout this fall, let us all echo the real reason that we come to school each day, the children.  While we want everyone to feel “connected, capable and cared for” we also never want to forget that it is the children who come first.  Their sense of well-being, safety, and smiles should take precedence and be at the forefront of our efforts.  We want their experience at A-O to be rich in learning and in motivation to keep them excited to wake up each day for school.


   So, please help me in congratulating all students for their hard work thus far, and all staff who have worked relentlessly to ensure a successful start to this year. I look forward to seeing where this year will take us, and I hope to see everyone at our upcoming events this fall.