School districts in North Carolina are currently migrating from NCWISE to PowerSchool (student information system) for the 2013-2014 School Year. The NCDPI expects PowerSchool will be operational during the second week of July. 
PowerSchool provides parents the opportunity to access many kinds of  information about their child(ren), including:
  • Attendance (real-time)
  • Grades, assignments, and test scores with teacher comments (real-time)
  • Electronic progress reports
  • School announcements

Once implemented, Information will be available from any computer with Internet access and upon request from the school or district in print format. Both parents and students may have accounts through which they can access information. Pearson  provides mobile apps for teachers, parents, and students for accessing information.

Parent account access will be distributed the first week of school at which time you will create a parent account and link your child(ren) accounts.
For up to date information, please visit our Parent Resources page.