Nurse's Corner

At this time of year, it is very important to try to stop the spread of illnesses due to viruses.  You and your children should follow these easy steps to help protect yourselves from colds and flu (as well as many other contagious diseases).

·         Wash hands often with warm water and soap for at least 15 seconds, especially before eating and after using the bathroom.

·         Use tissue to cover coughs and sneezes.  Wash hands after wiping noses.

·         Do not share food, drinks, cups or eating utensils.

·         Do not touch the spout of the water fountain when drinking.

·         Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.

Sometimes children will get sick anyway.  The BEST thing you can do is to keep children home when they are sick. This will help stop the spread of illness to other children and teachers.  Children need to be kept home when they have any of these symptoms:

·         Fever of 100.5 degrees or higher (or 100 degrees or higher with symptoms).  Children should stay home until they have been without fever for at least 24 hours.  Children should not be given Tylenol or Advil (ibuprofen) to reduce the fever and then sent to school.  The child may be highly contagious to others.

·         Nausea or vomiting within the last 24 hours.

·         Severe headache

·         Diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

·         Red, watery eyes with yellow drainage

·         Unexplained rash 

If you are called to pick up a sick child at school, please come quickly.

If you know your child has been exposed to someone diagnosed with the flu virus, call your doctor immediately to find out what to do.

Thanks for your help with this very important matter.  If you have questions, you may call your School Nurse.

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