• Business Education featuring:
    Personal Characteristics & Careers
    Digital Literacy
    Basic Word Processing
    Intro to Office Productivity
    Office Productivity Applications
    Financial Literacy
    Mr. Mitchell or Coach Mitchell
    Room 105
    cecilio_mitchell@abss.k12.nc.us (preferably)
    Phone:  336-570-6500

    Welcome to my webpage.  This is my 9th year at Southern Middle School and my 19th year teaching overall.  It is exciting to see students progress throughout the year and I ALWAYS encourage parent involvement. Each grade level has specific concentrations that will be covered during class.  Select the grade level for the files and activities for those classes.
     Outside of teaching in the classroom, I've very busy!  LMAO.  I am the Athletic Director, Head Football, Basketball and Track & Field Coach.  I have a big family who I enjoy spending time with.  I love food and candy as well.
     If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me please.
    About the classes
    This middle school course is composed of instructional modules designed to provide hands-on instruction in basic keyboarding skills, computer concepts, digital literacy, financial literacy and software applications. The software applications include word processing, desktop publishing, presentation software, spreadsheets, and databases. English language arts and mathematics are reinforced. Communication skills, problem solving, research, and critical thinking are reinforced in this course. 
    Class Subject Matters 
    6th - Exploring Career Decisions/Exploring Personal Characteristics & Careers & Basic Skills (9 weeks)
    7th - Keyboarding & Basic Word Processing & Digital Literacy (18 weeks)
    8th -  Intro to Office Productivity & Office Productivity Applications & Financial Literacy (18 weeks)