• Dress Code p.27-28 Student Handbook
    DRESS CODE: It is expected that students at Southern Alamance High School will come to school clean and wearing clothes that are clean, appropriate, not disruptive, or obscene. Please note the expectations listed below for student attire at SAHS. SAHS administration reserves the right to impose additional dress code requirements as needed.
    No bandanas will be allowed on campus (worn or carried) during the school day. Headgear (this includes hats, headbands, scarves, etc.) is meant for outside and should not be worn indoors. The item may be confiscated and kept in the office where it may be picked up by the student after school.
    • No clothing may be worn with suggestive or questionable language, gestures, innuendos or drawings.
    • No style of clothing or the manner in which it is worn may expose undergarments or create a distraction or disturbance in the educational setting.
    • Pants must be worn at the waist. Sagging pants/shorts will not be permitted. A belt is required if pants do not remain at the waist.
    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be no shorter than four inches (4”) above the knee.
    • Students will not be allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, unless the shoulder coverings are at least two inches (2”) wide. Tops with spaghetti straps, large sleeve openings, or halter tops will not be permitted.
    • Clothing must not reveal midriff, backs, cleavage, or chest/torso area. Shirts and blouses must cover the waist and go past the waistline.
    • Excessively tight clothing is not permitted. Leggings or tights by themselves are NOT acceptable as pants at any time for any reason (i.e. no leggings without a top that extends to at least fingertip length).
    • Clothing advertising alcohol and/or drug paraphernalia/slogans will not be permitted.
    • Any adornment such as chains or spikes that reasonably could be perceived as or used as a weapon; and any symbols, styles, or attire frequently associated with intimidation, violence, or violent groups will not be permitted. Wallets with chains are not permitted.
    • Clothing must be worn appropriately (no unfastened bib overalls, and belts must be buckled and worn at the waistline). Students may not wear or display any clothing, jewelry, emblems, badges, symbols, signs, tattoos, or other items that shows affiliation in any gang or that promotes gang affiliation.
    Violations of this rule will result in ISS and/or OSS. This listing of inappropriate attire is not inclusive but attempts to specify types of attire that are unacceptable at school and school functions. Other inappropriate attire, including accessories, shall be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by school administrators. Students should also refer to the section entitled “Articles Prohibited on Campus” where related attire items are addressed. The school will not attempt to control hair styles, but it will NOT allow students to present themselves with styles that impede the instructional process. Specifically, the school's mission of providing instruction cannot be and will not be interrupted by this or any other such influences.

    Note:  Administration reserves the right to make the final decision in regard to appropriate and inappropriate dress as well as what is considered distracting to the learning environment.