Welcome 6th Graders! I’m Mrs. Wells and this will be my third year teaching at SAMS.  It’s a GREAT school that is full of “Tiger Pride”.


    My hope for each of you is that SAMS will be a positive and safe environment where every new cub (yes, that’s you) can thrive! 


    Here are some facts to help you get to know me a little better: 

    • I LOVE to learn!  Any time I have the opportunity to learn something new about people, places and things makes me SO HAPPY!

    • I was born in Boone, NC, but grew up with my three siblings in Harbor Oaks, Florida.

    • I’m married: my husband is a math teacher at Southern High School; we have an 8th grade son (Jack); and two fur babies (Tula and Rosie).

    • My career in Education started in 1993 as a classroom teacher. I have taught multiple grades and students at all levels: Elementary, Middle, High School and College.

    • Activities I love to do outside of school: travel to new places; visit museums/galleries or other historical places; READ; try new foods; make/try new recipes; hike new trails; explore the great outdoors and spend time with family and friends!