• How do I get to the Library Catalog?

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  • How Many Books May I Borrow?

    Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade may borrow 1 book at a time.
    Students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade may borrow 2 books at a time.
    The ability to borrow books is a privilege.  Behavior issues can result in a student not being allowed to borrow books during their library time.  Examples of those behaviors:  doing things to damage the book; playing with, or bothering, other students during book selection time or playing rather than looking for a book. 
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  • How does not returning a book at another school affect book borrowing at Hillcrest

    Books that are not returned to school libraries within the Alamance-Burlington School system travel via each child's computerized borrowing record from school to school within ABSS.  Students who come to Hillcrest with items outstanding from other schools have their borrowing privileges placed on hold until any book issues are cleared at the previous school(s).
    For example: If a 1st grade child comes to Hillcrest from Newlin Elementary and did not return their Newlin library book, they are not allowed to borrow from Hillcrest until (1) the book is paid for at NEWLIN if it was lost; (2) the book is returned to me and I send it (free of charge) to Newlin; or (3) the book is returned from the child's previous classroom if it was still in their desk/cubby.
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  • Lost Books
    Lost books can be handled two different ways: 
    (1)You can pay for the book.  I send home overdue notices about every 2 weeks and there is a price listed on the that paper notice.  You can also always ask me and I can look it up in my computer and write it down for you.  All payments must be made in cash and a receipt will be issued for any money received. 
    (2) You can go to a bookstore and buy a copy of the book and bring it to me.  I can then do what's necessary to add it back into the library collection.  Please make sure your child's name is on the new book so I can remove the lost item from their borrowing record.

    Please always be sure you have searched everywhere for the book before paying for it!  I'd much rather have the book returned than the money.
    Damaged Books
    Damage is a little more difficult.  The first thing you should always do if you damage a book (tear a page, get something on it, write in it, etc.) is tell an adult.  Here at school it would be your teacher and at home it would be your parent or the adult you are with when the damage happens.  ALWAYS bring the book to me (Ms. Mann) so I can see the damage and decide whether or not it can be fixed.
    Here is the general rule I use about damaged books:
    If the damage can be fixed, I will fix it and there will be no fee (money) that needs to be paid.
    If the damage can't be fixed, but the book is still usable (words are readable, the pages are all there and are not stuck together, there is no mold or other stuff that would make it dangerous to be passed on to other students)  there is no fee (money) that needs to be paid.
    If the damage is not fixable and the book can no longer be used, you will have to pay for the book.  Some examples of things that are usually not fixable are:  pages that have been ripped out, food or drink spilled in the book, pages that have been colored or marked on heavily enough that words cannot be read, covers being torn off the book, damage caused by pets.
    If there are questions, see Ms. Mann. 
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  • Elementary Battle of the Books

    We are planning to have an Elementary Battle of the Books (EBOB) team this year. 

    Information will be given to interested 4th and 5th grade students early in the school year about team responsibilities beginning the process of joining the team.

    One of the biggest responsibilities for being on the team is reading all the books that will be used during the EBOB competition in the Spring.  To see the list of books for 2019-20, please click on:  EBOB books 

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