• Fifth Graders:


    Reading students are researching a state to create a Santa that represents that state.  They have a rubric for scoring the project. We have completed the research in class and students are now writing the paragraphs for the projects.  Projects will be due Monday, December 10th.  We will work on the writing in class the week of November 26 and part of the week of December 3rd.  PLEASE DO NOT work on these at home until after December 5th because students will write them in class and I'll proofread.  

    Math students are starting to work with fractions and decimals.  We will review adding and subtracting fractions, and then learn how to multiply and divide them as well.  Along with fractions, we will add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals as well.  
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    Fourth Graders:

    Fourth grade reading students are completing a Lost Colony Simulation.  We read about the Lost Colony and students have now been given the task of choosing 10 people to take on the expedition to the New World.  In addition to choosing people, they must justify who they are taking and who they are leaving behind.  Once this is complete, they will do a game on the computer where they set up camp once they get to the New World, plant crops, and try to keep their people alive.  It's a fun simulation that requires lots of higher level thinking!  
    Math students are still working on Hands-On Equations and will soon start a Christmas Shopping Unit.  The shopping unit will require them to learn how to multiply decimals, write checks, balance a checkbook, calculate sales tax, and learn how to calculate percentage discounts.   It's a fun unit that teaches lots of new math skills!
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