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Summer Assignments

    • Your summer assignments are listed below by department, then by course.
    • Please be sure to read each thoroughly and follow the included directions.
    • If there are no summer requirements, it will state so under the course name. 
    • Chemistry
      • No Summer Assignment
    • Environmental Science
      • There are no official summer assignments for AP Environmental Science; however, you may want to be on the lookout for newspaper and magazine articles related to environmental issues such as global climate change, biodiversity loss, alternative energy sources, human overpopulation, water pollution, waste disposal, etc.  This semester in AP Environmental Science you will be creating a scrapbook about a specific environmental issue.  Each article displayed in the scrapbook must be from a reputable source, over 500 words in length, and written since August 25, 2013.  Be sure to keep the publication date and source with each article you collect.  Securing a supply of these articles now will make the scrapbook-making process much easier for you in the fall.  Have a great summer!
    Social Studies 

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