• Discipline Procedures and Policies
    The Eagle’s Nest staff is committed to providing a safe, positive, and structured environment for all children in the program.  Although Eagle’s Nest is a different setting than the regular school day, appropriate student behavior is still expected.  Please review the following rules and consequences that will guide the day care program. Essentially, our Eagles are expected to continue to SOAR during Eagles Nest just as the do during the regular school day.

    1.    Show respect at all times.
    2.    Move appropriately throughout campus during daycare hours.
    3.    Follow instructions set forth by daycare workers.
    4.    Refrain from damaging any school property.
    5.    Refrain from disruptive behavior, fighting, violence of any kind, and inappropriate language.
    6.    Comply with any and all other regulations set forth by the Eagle’s Nest Director and/or school administrators.


            First Offense – Warning   

            Second Offense – Visit to office and letter home to parents
            Third Offense – Temporary suspension from Eagle’s Nest
            Fourth Offense – Permanent dismissal from Eagle’s Nest

     (Please note that school administrators are granted the authority to exercise good judgment and apply a greater or lesser consequence than those listed above.)

    **We ask that you discuss the information listed above with your child.  We appreciate your efforts and thank you for continued support in making appropriate behavior a priority for all children.