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    The Alamance-Burlington School System School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is an advisory group composed of individuals selected from various health and education segments of the community who partner together in providing advice to the school system on aspects of the school health program. The members of SHAC are appointed by the school system. The SHAC annually develops an action plan to guide the council’s work and activities by developing a goal statement, objectives and strategies with measurable outcomes.


    In Alamance County SHAC has a long history. The first SHAC met from May 30, 1985 until May 22, 1996 when Burlington City School System merged with Alamance County Schools. The newly merged Alamance-Burlington School System continued to have a School Health Advisory Council and  has continued to meet until the present time. The health of young people is directly tied to academic achievement and overall quality of life. Realizing that the school system cannot solve or prevent health challenges alone, the School Health Advisory Council continues to enhance the school’s ability to have a positive impact on student health.



    Each year the Alamance-Burlington School System conducts student health screenings to better serve the students in Alamance County. The purpose of health screening is to identify specific health problems that may be a deterrent to student learning and performance. Hearing and vision screenings are conducted by trained and certified staff members. Blood pressure screening and Body Mass Index (BMI) may be conducted for special populations in the schools. Parent/guardians and/or school staff may request a screening for a student at any time.

    The screenings are performed at selected grade levels and parent/guardians may contact their child's school for specific screening dates and times. Hearing screening is conducted for grades Pre K, K, 1, 3 & 5. Vision screening is conducted for grades 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9. Parent/guardians shall be notified in writing if a student fails a health screening and may need additional evaluation and/or follow up care. Parents/guardians who do not wish to have their child screened must send a written note to the child' teacher prior to the screening. 



    What is it? A policy that all local educational agencies are required to establish that includes goals for nutritional education, physical activity, nutritional guidelines, guidelines for school meals, and a plan for measuring use of and community involvement with the policy. Why do I need to know about it?  Good health and nutrition begin in the home. It will take faculty, parents and students all working together to make the policy successful. Learn more on the ABSS website or on the USDA website: https://www.fns.usda.gov/tn/local-school-wellness-policy.


    Eat Smart Move More: A state plan to prevent overweight, obesity and related chronic diseases.