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  • Dear AO Kindergarten parents/guardians,
    Welcome to AO! As the Speech-Language Pathologist at AO Elementary School, I will be spending a brief amount of time with each Kindergarten student. As outlined in your orientation packet you received last spring, I conduct speech-language screenings for all incoming Kinder students. The speech/language screening gives me an opportunity to listen to the articulation (speech sounds), voice (quality), fluency (smoothness of speech), and language skills. When students exhibit difficulty in any of these areas, their ability to perform in the classroom can be negatively impacted. My job at AO is to identify students who may benefit from services in any of these areas through an intervention or a specialized education plan.
    During the next two weeks, I will get a chance to meet your little one. I can't wait to chat with each and every one. If concerns arise based on the screening results, I will be in touch.
    Do not hesitate to contact me if you have concerns regarding your child's speech/language skills or about the screening process. 
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  • Although I am your child's Speech-Language Pathologist at school, summer is an opportunity for you to provide speech at home! I am asked all the time "What can we do for speech at home this summer?" and my response is two of the biggest things you can do with your child any time of year. First, READ, READ, READ!!! Read lots of books! You can read to your child and your child can practice reading to you. Go to your local library where you can check out books of interest as well as join in their summer reading programs. Second, talk about EVERYTHING! You may feel silly at first, but your child will benefit from the speech/language model you are providing. For example: "I am putting clothes IN the washing machine." "I wonder where I put my new, black shoes." "After we go to the store, we'll go to the park." READ, READ, READ and TALK, TALK, TALK!
    Here are a few helpful websites you can check out too!
    Here are a few apps you can download as well!
    Articulation Station
    Ibooks or Kindle apps and books
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  • May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!
    Visit the American Speech Language and Hearing Association Website for more details.
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