• Here is the Zoom link for Music for the week of 9/7/21 - 9/9/21:









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  • Welcome back!

    I am so glad that we are finally back in school, even if it is different for now! I hope each of you had a great summer. I will still be using my website for announcements, fun music links, videos, and other important information. Check back later for more updates! I can't wait to see you online!






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  • Here's what we are working on this nine weeks:

    Kindergarten - Vocal timbre, steady beat, appropriate responses to music (singing, playing, moving), proper singing/playing technique, musical expression, music in other areas

    1st Grade -Three-pitch melodies, iconic notation, appropriate responses to musical characteristics, proper singing/playing technique, execution of rhythm patterns, musical customs and traditions, music in other areas
    2nd Grade - Three-pitch melodies, interpreting rhythm patterns, illustrating melodic patterns, dynamics, form, illustrating prominent musical characteristics, audience and participant behaviors, musical customs and traditions, music in other areas
    3rd Grade - Major scale, interpreting rhythm patterns, standard symbols and traditional terms, identifying instruments and voices, evaluating music, artistic expression, music in other areas
    4th Grade - Ostinatos, partner songs, counter melodies, rounds, interpreting rhythm patterns, describing music, classifying instruments, expression while performing, NC music, music in other areas
    5th Grade - Interpreting rhythm patterns, classifying instruments, illustrating independence and accuracy while performing, interpreting conductor gestures, audience and participant behaviors, US music, music in other areas 
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