General Guidelines for Flyer Approval/Distribution to Students


    The Public Information Department is responsible for approving all flyers from community groups.
    New organizations will need to provide a copy of its 501(c)3 determination letter from the IRS (not-for-profit).

    Flyers will be reviewed for content and must be in keeping with these general activity guidelines: well established, organized, supervised family-friendly, age-appropriate activities that offer opportunity for sports, health/physical fitness, educational, arts, or community service with a non-religious focus on activity.

    The event/activity must be located within Alamance County in order to be considered. Along with the flyer, the following information must be included:  the number of schools sites, or specific school sites listed and age/grade level of students. Approved flyers must be separated into stacks of 25 per classroom, bundled and labeled by school location. Approved flyers can be delivered to school sites, or as a courtesy, flyers can be dropped off at Central Office and placed in school courier delivery. Please allow at least 1 1/2 to 2 weeks for adequate distribution time at school level.

    Please send flyers via email to or, for questions please call 336-438-4006.

    The district reserves the right to make the final decision on approval as well as the number and scope of flyer distribution and reserves the right to withhold distribution of printed materials to students if not received in a timely manner, or not received as approved or as instructed. 
    Please keep these dates in mind as you consider submitting flyers for distribution to schools. We must receive your flyer prior to the dates listed below to ensure they arrive to schools before breaks.
    • Nov 15th before thanksgiving break
    • Dec 10th before winter break
    • April 6th before spring break
    • May 20th before memorial day
    • May 27th for end of year