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    Ms. Williams
    Room G124
    Phone: 919-563-5303


    My name is Cheryl Williams.

    I am the counselor for 7th (M-Z) and for 8th graders.

    My office hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm during school days.

    I am available for the following services:  
                                                                                 *Individual Counseling
                                                                                 *Group Counseling
                                                                                 *Conflict Resolution
                                                                                 *Consultation and Referral to Outside
    Other duties I am responsible for include:
                                                                                 *Maintain Student Records
                                                                                 *Enrollments and Withdrawals
                                                                                 *Member of the Student Support Team
                                                                                 *Co-Testing Coordinator
                                                                                 *Member of the Crisis Support Team
                                                                                 *Member of PBIS Team