• Title I Parent Engagement Policy


    Parental Engagement


    The Title I Application Review meeting for parents and community stakeholders is held each Spring to give parents and stakeholders an opportunity to review district’s Title I Application and receive updates for the 2018-2019 school year.  In addition to Title I Parent Advisory Council Members, all Title I parents are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting to acquire first-hand information on the Title I Application and other important Title I Updates.   



    Every school receiving Title I money is required to:

    • Work with parents to develop a written parent engagement policy;
    • Distribute the parent engagement policy to all parents and to the local community;
    • Inform parents of the engagement policy and of their right to be involved at an annual meeting;
    • Offer flexible parent engagement meetings;
    • Involve parents in planning, reviewing, and improving school programs;
    • Work with parents to develop a school-parent agreement (compact) designed to improve individual student academic achievement;
    • Increase opportunities for parent engagement in the school by helping parents understand academic expectations and assessments;
    • Provide materials and training for parents and staff to foster greater parent engagement; and
    • Integrate activities with other federal and state programs.

    Every school receiving Title I money is required to notify parents of their right to receive this information. Parents may request information concerning:

    • The professional qualifications of their child's teacher(s) including the degrees held, certifications held, and whether the teacher is certified in the area he/she is teaching.
    • Whether or not their child is receiving instruction by a paraprofessional, and if so, his/her qualifications.  This applies to all instructional staff in the school, not just those paid with Title I funds.

    Title I schools must notify parents:

    • Concerning the school improvement status of their child's school;
    • Regarding information on the level of achievement of their child in each of the state academic assessments;
    • Of their right to be involved in the planning and implementation of the parent involvement program in their school.


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