• Classroom Parent Committee Information

    Committee Chair:  Chantel Post

    There are PTO Classroom Parents designated per classroom.  These classroom parents are a liaison between the PTO and the classroom.  Teachers can get PTO answers and needs requested through their classroom parents.  Likewise, the PTO will use the classroom parents to disperse information to the classroom.  Classroom parents will also be used to organize parents in the classroom for special events or as needed by the teacher.  Please contact Chantel Post (Classroom Parent Chair) or your classroom  parent with questions.

    List of classroom parents for 2017-18
    Parent Liaison  Teacher
    Mandy Campbell Cheek
    Loren Stout Conner
    Jamie Day Edwards
    Ashley Harris May
    Heather Kronbergs Jacobs
    Tiffany Jones Pickard
    Rebecca Olson Moody
    Stefanie Ingle Hodges
    April Kelly King
    Shannon Lee Criscoe
    Kim Sulecki Leon
    Rebecca McKendree McIntyre
    Jennifer Shaw Park
    Renee Johnson Coleman
    Tina Bowden Coggins
    Tammy Brown Harrison
    Elizabeth Gilley Joyce
    Al & Lisa Freitas Hunt
    Tiffany Fort Komasara
    Carie Senecal Strickland