• flame test Welcome to Honors Chemistry!

    I would like to welcome you to high school chemistry. It is both a challenging and (hopefully) interesting course of study for most students. Chemistry is not just something you learn from a book, it is the basis of everything in our living and nonliving worlds. One important note to make is THE STUDY OF CHEMISTRY IS CUMULATIVE, it all adds up. That means what we learn from the first day will be important and applied to other material throughout the year. It is like a big puzzle and if you miss pieces to that puzzle it is hard to make the picture out clearly. Staying focused from the beginning of the year and making every effort to master EACH unit is essential for a successful end.
    This year I will be utilizing Canvas for all course material and calendar. Students should access Canvas often to keep up with class assignments and content. Parents, if you would like to be an observer of your student's Canvas courses, click here for instructions. Please click here an instructional video on how to access Canvas as well as how to navigate my Canvas Chemistry course.

      Below is my virtual classroom, which contains a lot of useful links that may be helpful while you are learning chemistry.


  • For practice counting the number of significant figures, visit this website: Sig Figs Rule

    You can review rules for significant figures and practice counting them by visiting this site: Khan Academy

    Practice rounding with certain number of sig figs here.

    Video on calculations with sig figs: video

    Another great site with videos and practice with calculations. Sig Figs and Math

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  • For more practice naming and writing chemical formulas, click here for quizzes.

    For a multiple choice quiz, click here.

    For another quiz, click here.

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