• fingerprint Welcome to Honors Forensic Science!

    I would like to welcome you to high school forensic science. This course is designed to introduce you to various aspects of science and how they relate to the law.  The main focus of this course will be techniques used during crime scene investigations.  Topics will include fingerprinting, collection of evidence, processing evidence, documentation of evidence and crime scenes through sketches and photography, questioned documents, trace evidence, firearms and tool marks, etc.  Principles of criminal law and procedure, preparation and presentation of evidence, examination of witnesses, methods of legal research and procedural rules affecting the collection and use of physical evidence will also be discussed.  You will apply your knowledge to laboratory assignments and mock crime scenes.

    This semester I will be utilizing Canvas for all course materials and calendar. You will need to periodically check Canvas for assignments, discussions, etc. that will be required for this course. See me if you do not know how to sign into Canvas. Parents, if you would like to be an observer for your student's Canvas course then click here for instructions.


    Honors Forensics Supplies List

    • 3 ring binder (probably 2 inch or bigger)

    • notebook paper or notebook

    • lab notebook (will purchase from me, cost $5)

    • blue or black ink pens (used for labs and interactive notebooks, you can take notes in any color ink or even in pencil)

    • bound notebook (not spiral, see picture below) for your interactive notebook

              sample bound noteboos

    Below is my virtual classroom, which contains several links that may be helpful this semester.