• Email Terms:

    Inbox: This is where your new messages will be sent and you will access. The sender, subject and date will show up as a link for you to click and read the message. Note: It is wise not to open email from people you do not know. 

    Check Mail: Click to see any new messages that have been received.

    New or Compose: Use this to create an email to be sent by you.

    Reply: Use the reply button to send a response back to the read email.

    Forward: Use the forward button to send a copy of an email that you received to another person.

    Drafts: This is where you may store an email that you were working on but were not ready to send. You will double click the email from the draft folder and continue working on it until you are ready to either save to the draft folder again or send.

    Sent: This folder keeps a copy of all the emails you send.

    Deleted: After you have read an email and no longer need it, you should delete it. You will click the trashcan icon in the toolbar.

    Starred: If you have important emails that you want to get to quickly, you will click the star next to the email sender and it will turn yellow (it will stay white unless it is clicked). After it is clicked, you can find these emails easily in the Starred folder.

    Email Tips:

    • Don’t share your password with anyone
    • Log off when you are done
    • Be respectful of others feelings, privacy and property
    • Don't forward messages without the persons permission
    • Keep personal information personal
    • Delete Email from people you don’t know
    • Don't open attachments from people you don't know
    • Only use appropriate words and photos (don't use words or photos you wouldn't want EVERYONE to read or see)
    • If you ever feel uncomfortable from words or photos, log off and tell an adult IMMEDIATELY
    • Double check who you are sending the message to before you click Send, so you don't accidently send to the wrong person
    • Make sure it is worth sending so you aren't wasting anyone's time
    • Don't fill up friends inbox with "junk" such as silly messages, chain mail, gossip or rumors
    • Proofread and spell check your messages before you send