• Disney Presents The Best of Schoolhouse Rock!

    by Walt Disney Home Entertainment (video) Year Published: In Mr. Walden's Music Library (on VHS Cassette)
    Mr Walden definitely recommends this fun, sing-along musical classic!! :-)
    "Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?"
    Schoolhouse Rock, the timeless collection of animated songs that taught an entire generation that "Knowledge Is Power," is back in this special 30th Anniversary Edition. The Best of Schoolhouse Rock features the Top 25 songs as voted by Schoolhouse Rock fans everywhere in an online poll.
    Featuring "Conjunction Junction," "I'm Just A Bill," Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here," "Electricity, Electricity," "Interjections!" "The Preamble," "Three Is A Magic Number," "Interplanet Janet," "A Noun Is A Person, Place, Or Thing," "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" ...And Many, Many More!
    Recommended for grades 1-5. 
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  • Eyewitness Books: Music

    by Neil Ardley Year Published: 1989 In Mr. Walden's Music Library
    A wonderful book full of pictures that highlights how sounds are produced, the history of music and musical instruments, and the many types of instruments from around the world and how they are made. Recommended for grades 4 and up.
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  • Fantasia 2000 (DVD)

    by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment (Disney DVD) Year Published: 1999-2000 In Mr. Walden's Music Library
    The modernized sequel of the Disney classic Fantasia, produced in 1940. One of my all-time favorite movies, It sets Disney animation to famous pieces of classical (orchestral) music. There are no words to the music, so the expression in the music works together with the action in the animation to tell a story. There are eight segments in the film, each from three to minutes long, featuring eight different works and styles of Disney animation. Recommended for grades K and up.
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  • Join the Band!

    by Marjorie Pillar Year Published: 1992 In Mr. Walden's Music Library
    A student's story telling all you ever wanted to know about being in a school concert band, from details about the band instruments to being in a concert performance. This book has many great photos of actual band students and classes at an elementary school. Recommended for grades 2-6.
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