• Vision:

    Graham Middle School will be a school that is an agent of transformational change in ABSS STEAM education where all students achieve at their highest levels.  Design principles will be the hallmark of our school in learning, teaching, and leading.  Universal high standards, individualized learning plans, and community partnerships will ensure that every student has equitable access to challenging coursework, exceptional instruction, and empowering relationships with mentors.
    Students will experience a rich integrated curriculum aligned and focused towards STEAM disciplines.  Faculty will deliver inquiry-based instruction challenging students to solve real-world problems and develop critical thinking skills.  All STEAM community members will use digital technologies, communication tools, and networks to access, apply and evaluate information as citizens in a knowledge economy.  We will equip our students with the skills and dispositions that will prepare them for post-secondary learning opportunities, rewarding careers, meaningful roles in the American democracy, and enlightened and fulfilling lives.
    As a model school, we will partner to expand the capacity of STEAM teaching and learning with collaborating schools, districts, and industry.  In short, we envision a future where we will achieve academic excellence for all of our students and for our region.  To achieve this vision, we will establish priorities and practices designed to foster the emergence of a school culture of universal aspiration towards excellence, social justice and shared responsibility for outcomes.