• Personal Finance prepares students to understand economic activities and challenges of individuals and families, the role of lifestyle goals in education and career choices, procedures in a successful job search, financial forms used in independent living, and shopping options and practices for meeting consumer needs. The course also prepares students to understand consumer rights, responsibilities, and information, protect personal and family resources, and apply procedures for managing personal finances. English language arts and mathematics are reinforced.




    REDO Policy for Daily Assignments …

    • On Separate Sheet of paper, WRITE the FULL Question and CORRECT Answer to receive back ½ the points deducted. If you miss an answer the second time, it will be -5 pts from what should have been the points awarded. 

    • EXAMPLE: Got a 90 … can redo for a 95 IF ALL Answers are CORRECT.  IF answer is wrong the second time (-5 pts), grade will remain a 90.

    • STUDENTS are ENCOURAGED to use their notes, their neighbor's brain (if it is trustworthy) or Mrs. Ward to get all the answers correct the second time!