• English II Honors

    This course satisfies your 2nd English requirement.  As an honors level course it will be rigorous and demanding.  It will require both intellectual effort and significant time.  It will provide you with an understanding of the world and its varied literature.  You will acquire an understanding and appreciation of great world authors and their works.  You will discover world cultures, styles and current events.  You will also expand your vocabulary and achieve consistent correct grammar usage.  You will develop into an organized and focused writer who is able to compose solid essays.  Your development throughout the course will be demonstrated through daily discussion; continual writing assessment; comprehension writing and assessment; and oral presentations.  The course will be assessed by the new 10th grade EOC.
    This course offers an opportunity for academically talented students to continue to enrich their language arts skills and to prepare for Advanced Placement English. Students practice the thinking, reading, and writing skills that are necessary for the AP examination while covering world literature at an accelerated pace.  Course Credit: 1 Unit,  Prerequisites: English I or English I Honors and Honors/AP Criteria, Course Weight: 4.5.

    Course Requirements