• August 27, 2012

    Greetings from Western Alamance High School!

    It is a pleasure to have your student in World History this semester. I am looking forward to a great fall.

    Also, I wanted to inform you of the classroom expectations for this semester.

    • Follow school rules.
    • Treat everyone with respect.
    • Use time wisely. 
    • Be in your seat when bell rings. If you are tardy for class, bring a note from teacher. Per the handbook, “If a student is more than five minutes late after the tardy bell rings (without an authorized note from a staff member) this will be considered skipping.”
    • Stay in seats until class is dismissed.
    • Ask for missed work when absent.
    • Students will be expected to use the bathroom prior to class. Students should use bathroom before school, during break or at lunch. Please contact me if your student has a health issue that would require them to be excused frequently.

    We will be covering a lot of material this semester. Students will be given at least one weekly quiz. There will also be pop quizzes, so students should always be aware that there may be a quiz. Also, there will be random notebook checks. Please contact me if you have a question or concern. The easiest way to reach me is via email. You can go to the Western Alamance home page and click on my name to send an email or my email address is michael_mitchener@abss.k12.nc.us. At the web site, you may also check your student’s grades and find instructions for missing assignments.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to teach your child. I’m looking forward to a great semester.


    Mitch Mitchener