• Course Outline

    Cummings High School

    Teacher: Jeff Lawson

    2021 – 2022



    Students should expect to be exposed to the topics noted in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Students will learn good math study habits as well as learning to be organized and to keep up on a daily basis. Learning to read a mathematics text and learning the language of mathematics will be stressed. Students should gain an understanding of the relationships among the various topics in the course.



    In order to succeed in this class daily classroom attendance is a must. It is very difficult to actually make up what was missed on any given day. You can never recreate the experience of learning the lesson firsthand.

    Be on time to class. Being tardy will result in having to suffer the consequences as specified in the Student Code of Conduct. Coming to class late interrupts the teaching and learning process.


    Make-Up Work

    If you are absent from class, you are responsible for making up all missed work and turning it in on time. This includes notes, quizzes, tests, class work, homework, overhead assignments, class starters, any collaborative group activities, and so forth. It is wise to get a phone number from a trusted classmate so that you can contact this classmate to get your assignments when absent. Upon returning to school, it is your responsibility to check with the teacher to make certain you know all the items you are required to complete and turn in for the day that you were absent.


    Evaluation Criteria

    Nine week averages may consist of any of a number of grades from varied types of individual assignments done during the grading periods. These activities may include such things as homework grades, class work grades, journal grades, class starter activity grades, quiz grades, pop test grades, participation grades, cooperative group activity grades, major test grades, portfolio grades, notebook grades, and grades from other daily activities. Alternative assessment is an integral part of this class and I strive to offer each student the opportunity to have many facets of their work reflected in their nine week averages. Final exams are given at the end of the semester. Students should keep up with their grades and keep a written record of them.



    Homework is an integral part of any math course. Practice is required to learn math. I expect each student to do his or her homework every night, without fail. Time will occasionally be allotted during class to begin homework. I expect only math to be done during this class. Use your time in class wisely.



    Expect major tests, regularly, with notice given in advance. Pop Tests may be given without notice.  Short quizzes are usually announced the day before they occur. If class does not meet, for any reason, on the day that a major test is scheduled, then the test will be given on the next scheduled day of class.

    Personal honor and integrity are important to every successful individual. Please commit to practicing these traits in your life and conduct yourself accordingly.


    Class Participation

    Mathematics is not a spectator sport! All students are expected to participate in class discussions, reading aloud, working at the board, collaborative activities, and any other classroom activities. You learn math through doing math. If you participate in the activities which I design for you, then you will be amazed at what you can learn. Please help me to help you by actively engaging yourself in the classroom.



    Organization and retention of material are essential in the learning of mathematics. In order to further these goals, you are required to keep a notebook for this class. It must be a loose-leaf, ring binder notebook used only for this class. I recommend a 1.5 inch notebook. Your notebook should contain everything we do.

    When placing items in your notebook, they should be placed in sequential order from the beginning of the term. Tests and quizzes should be inserted in the proper places. In other words all your work goes into the notebook in the order by the date that it was done.

    Please keep a neat notebook. Do not let pages tear out of your notebook. Punch holes in your papers and place them within the ring binder. Do not stuff loose paper into your notebook.



    Every assignment that you do for this class should have your name in the upper right-hand corner of the page along with the date, the page number or heading, and the problem numbers. Each assignment should be done on separate sheets of paper.

    You are expected to copy each original problem onto your notebook paper from the textbook, workbook, or worksheet and to show all the proper steps to arrive at your answer. Remember, credit will not be given for answers without the work shown to support your answer. In mathematics, the steps are most often as important as the final result.


    Materials Required

    These items are required for this class:

    ·         Loose-leaf, ring binder 1.5 inch notebook (3 inch for AP Calculus)

    ·         Notebook paper

    ·         Graph paper

    ·         Pencils

    ·         Blue or Black Ink Pen

    ·         Scientific or Graphing Calculator

    The following items are not required, but you may find them useful:

    ·         Ruler

    ·         Compass

    ·         Protractor

    ·         3x5 Index cards


    Classroom Rules

    1.       Students should be in their seats, prepared for class to begin, when the tardy bell rings. Do not get out of your seat without permission.

    2.       Students should bring their textbooks, notebooks, notebook paper, pencils, and any other needed items to class daily. All work in math class must be done in pencil.

    3.       Students should not bring candy, chewing gum, food, or drink into the classroom.

    4.       Students are expected to use good manners and show respect for others. Treat others the way that you want them to treat you.



    Should any student or parent desire a conference, please contact me at school to arrange a time, after school, when we can meet. Appointments may be made by calling 570-6100 or by emailing me at jeffrey_lawson@abss.k12.nc.us.

    Students who need extra help or who need to make up work are encouraged to attend the Learning Center scheduled on Tuesday afternoons, weekly, from 3:30 PM until 4:30 PM. Additional Learning Centers are scheduled as needed.