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    Is Sylvan Elementary a Title I School?



    Yes, Sylvan is a Title I school. Below are questions and answers about this funding.


    Question: What is a Title 1 School?

    Answer: Title I is a federal government program that provides support to schools that have a larger than average number of students whose families qualify for special lunch prices. Depending on family income, students may receive free lunch or reduced lunch. Sylvan has about 74% of our families that qualify.



    Question: What does Title I money provide for Sylvan Elementary students?

    Answer: Our classrooms have laptops, iPods, netbooks, leveled reading books, textbooks, and science kits that were bought with Title I funds. This gives our children access to the technology needed to make them ready for jobs that require 21st century skills. We have two extra teacher positions that we funded for 2017-2018 using this money to keep our classrooms sizes lower and help boost our A+ program.



    Is there anything we can do to remain a Title I School?

    Answer: Yes! We need every Sylvan family to apply for the Free or Reduced Lunch program. There is nothing to lose by completing the short application. If you do qualify, you may or may not choose to use this support. These funds are available for any qualifying family. Our community and people across our great nation continue to work hard to make ends meet in these difficult economic times. A little support with lunch money, especially if you have several children, may help with budgeting for gasoline, groceries, and clothing.