• notes and examples from math class

    Thursday, Sept. 5th....first lesson on G.1 standard

    geometry lesson

    Friday, Sept. 6th.....area of triangles lesson

    area of triangles 

    Practice sheets from class on Monday, Sept. 9th on area of parallelograms and triangles

    original hand-outs so they can rework the problems

    parallelograms sheet

    triangles sheet

    answer keys so they can check answers they get

    parallelograms answers

    triangles answers 

    Wednesday, Sept. 11th          notes from class on how to find area of complex figures

    notes page 1

    notes page 2 

    larger notes examples from class today

    complex figures full size examples from class

    Formulas sheet with all needed to study for unit test on G1 on Thursday, Sept. 19th...all students got a copy on 9/12/2019

    formulas sheet


    New unit G4 surface area

    blank copy of notes for the unit   notes on G4

    completed copy of notes for the unit  notes completed for G4

    we started learning this unit with models to help see and understand clearly that surface area measures the area of all of the faces on the 3D shape....students have the notes and models from these activities in their math binders

    below is an example of how they show their work without an actual model or graph paper

    rectangular prism and triangular prism example


    Below is helpful information for studying for quiz on rectangular and triangular prisms

    A great way to study is to work problems again that we did in class.  We did page 363 #1-6 and for homework last week students did page 364 #6 and #9...but they can do page 364 #6 through #11 to study tonight.  I encouraged all students to complete page 364 #8 and #11 to study and we will go over those 2 answers tomorrow before we take the quiz.  Use calculators!  Show all work like we learned in class...

    Correct answers for page 363 are:
    1.  258 sq meters     2.  180 sq inches   3.  286 sq feet     4.  60 sq yards
    5.  420 sq meters     6.  299.32 sq feet
    Correct answers for page 364 are:
    6.  130 sq feet    7.  198 sq cm   8.  76 sq yards   9.  17.6 sq feet
    10.  740 sq meters   11.  57.1 sq mm
    I did scan a page that shows how they should be showing their work for these problems, too. 

     NS4 notes from class...they are posted in the order we work on the content..NO CALCULATORS for this unit of study!!  students will have a times table chart they can use....

    page 1     page 2   

    NS 4 GCF notes

    page 1   page 2 

    GCF notes full size from class

     NS4 LCM notes

    page 1    page 2

    NS4 study guide

    page 1  page 2  page 3   page 4  page 5  page 6  page 7

    answers for NS4 study guide with explanations (all pages in same document)

    answers to study guide

    extra study notes for NS4


    ratios part 1

     ratios part 2

     RP2 NOTES from class

    RP2 unit rates