• Welcome to speech and language therapy!!
    The 2013-2014 year is going to be a great one.  This is my seventh year at Eastlawn and I am looking forward to working with your children.  Speech and language skills are the foundation for all academic growth and your child is learning new skills all the time.  Areas addressed in therapy include articulation of speech sounds, language development, fluency (stuttering,) and voice disorders.  In every class our teachers and students are working on vocabulary, sentence skills, and communicating effectively.  If your child has more difficulty learning these skills than most of the other students at his grade level, speech/language therapy may be appropriate for him/her.
    If you are the parent of a student who receives speech/language therapy, check his/her bookbag for brief homework assignments.  You will see a list of words or tasks that your child needs to practice.  They will be skills that your child has just learned at school and more practice will "cement" them into his repertoire.