• Our mission is to provide schools, instructional leaders, and key stakeholders with information, research, and resources to facilitate data-driven decisions for improving student outcomes.

    We strive to do this through:
    • Research and Evaluation
    • Assessment Logistics
    • Data Literacy Support 


    Accountability and State Reporting

    Our department serves each of the 36 schools in order to communicate and support state and federal accountability procedures and requirements. NCDPI Testing and School Accountability 


    The Accountability, Research, and Evaluation department reviews research proposals in order to ensure compliance with all applicable ABSS Board of Education policies and procedures and facilitate partnerships for research.


    The Accountability, Research, and Evaluation department facilitates, in conjunction with other departments, a continuous improvement model.  Our department works with each of our 36 school sites to implement a Multi-Tiered System of Support and to comply with state requirements for School Improvement Plans.