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    Hawfields Badminton Club
    2013 Spring Practice Schedule


    3:30pm - 5:00pm 


    Tuesday, April 9

    Thursday, April 18

    Thursday, April 25

    Friday, May 3

    Tuesday, May 7


    Friday, May 10          TOURNAMENT at Triangle Day School


    *Players must have athletic clothes and shoes to participate*

    2012 Fall Tournament Players
    8th Grade:  Austin Smith, Summer Meadows, Jurnee Legette, Austin McLendon, Thorne Wagoner
    7th Grade:  Larry Serrato, Natanael Robles, Brendan Marlar, Kellie Thomas, Leticia Cruz, Kristen Myers, Kaycee  Perry, Brian Richardson
    6th Grade:  Peyton Smith, D'Malyah Lewis, Jac Patterson, Nicky Carter
    Youngest:  Kenan Walker
    Singles Flight A:  Austin Smith         Runner up: Larry Serrato
    Singles Flight B:  Jurnee Legette       Runner up:  Jac Patterson
    Singles Flight C:  Kristen Myers      Runner up:  Leticia Cruz
    Doubles Flight A:  Austin Smith/Natanael Robles
    Runner up:  Austin McLendon/Brian Richardson
    Doubles Flight B:  Larry Serrato/Leticia Cruz
    Runner up:  Thorne Wagoner/Kenan Walker