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    learn even more
    about art outside
    the classroom.
    Mrs. Lisa Baker    Visual Art Teacher                                                                   
    art matters
    School Phone: (336)538-8700 A
    Art Room Phone(336) 438-4000 Ext.31254                  
    Art does matter at Highland Elementary School where all students get to enjoy art class each week for
    45 minutes to learn exciting things about ART which may include:
    cup of tools
    • Learning about the history of art 
    • Studying unique artists and their style of creating art
    • Experimenting with various media and tools
    • Exploring new art techniques and applying what they learn to their own work
    • Problem solving and realizing that there are many different solutions in the creative process
    Young students have a curious nature that seems to thrive with art experiences. What better way to learn new and exciting things that will stay with them throughout life and even help them as they integrate core subjects such as Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science into art class.  
    Always responsible thinkers
                 WE FOLLOW  REACH 
    We are Respectful of ourself, of others and our school   
    We show Effort and put forth our best work
    We are Accountable for our actions and attitude
    We have Control of our actions and words all the time  
    We are always Honest 
    Student artists like to display and share their art!  
    You can also see student artwork displayed online by visiting the Artsonia website 
    that showcases awesome artwork from Highland's budding artists in a digital format! New art will be posted as students finish their projects and parents who have granted online permission can get email updates whenever their child has their art uploaded to their very own digital portfolio.

    sunshine girl  If you need information on how to have access to Artsonia please email me to learn how you can get involved. Encourage your child to start writing reflections about their work and include positive interactions about other students' artwork that inspires them.  

     Please visit our school website again and feel free to email me with any guestions, concerns  or comments.   Lisa_Baker@abss.k12.nc.us