•    In the Art I classes, I build up the skills necessary for Art II and beyond, regardless of whether or not the students pursue higher levels of art.  We start out with Composition, learning how to arrange images in a picture using lines, shapes and the illusion of form.  Then we learn how to use Value by shading a still life with a harsh light on it.  We go over the value scale and nomenclature of chiaroscuro and some different shading techniques. 
       The third concept we cover is Color Theory as the broad umbrella over the sub-concepts of Color Wheel, Color Relationships and the Color Paradigm.  Once we do an exercise on each of these, the students draw and shade a self portrait using three analogous colors in the color paradigm which covers color theory and portraiture.  The fourth concept is Life Drawing.  We go over Contour Drawing - Pure, Modified, Blind and Non-Dominant Hand and Gesture Drawing - Stick figure, Balloon figure and Pure.  After we draw the figure from head to toe, the assignment is to create a scene with one dominant and two secondary figures engaged and doing something, not just standing and looking at the viewer.  Basic depth is also covered. 
       With the experience of drawing people, we then go into the fifth concept of 2 Point Perspective.  After getting the basics of perspective down, the students may choose to do a community, interior or their dream house.  In the interim, we are starting a Clay project showing foreshortening with their favorite animal.