Spanish 2

    General Curriculum 

    Thomas Gray

    Western Alamance High School


    This Spring we will begin the course with a thorough review of Spanish 1, and then we will begin the study of Spanish 2.  Your child will be learning to use the language in daily exercises and activities that practice four skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. We will be studying technical terms of grammar, syntax, and parts of speech; learning sentence structure and composition; and reading a variety of printed materials.


    Grammar Topics


    Review of Spanish 1 Topics and Activities


    Hacer in Time Expressions


    Reflexive Verbs

    Preterite Indicative Tense: Regular and Irregular Verbs


    Object Pronouns

    Present Progressive Construction

    Imperfect Tense

    Affirmative Informal Commands


    Possible Additional Topics – Second Nine Weeks


    Continuation and Review of Topics from first list

    Present Perfect

    Negative Informal Commands

    Formal Commands


    Introduction to the Present Subjunctive

    Introduction to the Future Tense



    In general, the course will follow the sequence of topics presented in the textbook Realidades, Level 2, through Lesson 7A, with occasional additional topics and activities from subsequent chapters.  As appropriate, individual topics will be presented and studied in a slightly varied sequence at times.