• Spanish 1 and 2: General Classroom Policies

    Thomas Gray

    Western Alamance High School


    1)  Students are expected to be on time to class, and tardies will be addressed in accordance with the policy set forth by ABSS and Western Alamance High School.  If a student is not in class when the bell rings, he or she will be considered tardy.  If a student is more than 5 minutes without an authorized note from a staff member, the student will be considered as skipping class and will be reported to the administration.  Continued tardiness will result in a telephone call to the student's parents, after school detention, and possible referral for ISS or OSS. 


    2)  Homework is an important part of any class and will be 20% component of a student's grade.  Homework grades are based on accuracy, effort, and completeness.


    3)  Tests comprise 30% of the final nine weeks grade.  Quizzes comprise 20% of the final nine weeks grade.  In the first nine weeks, no grade below 50 will be reported unless a student makes little or no effort to complete the test or quiz, in which event the student will receive the grade earned.


    4)  Grade weighting:  Tests 30%; Quizzes 20%; Homework 20%; Class work 10%; Performance 20%.


    5)  Each nine weeks grade will be 40% of the final grade, with the final exam worth 20%.


    6) Please note that other classroom management rules and procedures may be established as needed in the future. 



    Suggested Supply List for Spanish 1 and 2


    1)  A 2 - inch three-ring binder


    2)  Loose leaf paper (not spiral bound paper).


    3)  Five subject index divider


    4)  Number 2 pencils or dark blue ink or black ink pens.  No other color ink may be used.


    5)  Other supplies will be necessary as appropriate at a later time.



    Note to Parents:


    I will upgrade my online grade report at least every two weeks.  You may reach me at the school's number ­– 336 538 6020 – or online at thomas_gray@abss.k12.nc.us.