Student Wellness Policy

Lunch Application and Benefits

  • Free and Reduced Meal Benefits for Students

    A current USDA waiver allows our district to provide free breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

    We urge every family, regardless of income, to complete a USDA Lunch Application because doing so:

    • Helps schools receive federal money for programs that support and impact all students
    • High School students can receive the following benefits plus many others from College Boards:
      • Waived and/or reduced fees on exams (SAT, PSAT, ACT, and AP)
      • Unlimited score reports to send to colleges
      • College application fees waived at participating colleges


     Complete a new online lunch application

Helpful Information for Families

  • If your child is receiving free or reduced lunch they may be eligible for a fee waiver(s) to be used for college applications/college admissions tests. Contact your school counselor for more information.


    Did you know you can pay for your child's breakfast and lunch online? For more information call the School Nutrition Department at 336-570-6080 or visit the website


    Want to place notes on your child's breakfast and/or lunch account? Point of Sale gives you the option to place a short message on student accounts (ex: ice cream purchase, only two per week)

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Special Dietary Needs

  • We recognize that some students have special dietary needs due to a medical reason, such as allergy, intolerance or therapeutic diet. In order for the ABSS School Nutrition Department to meet special dietary needs that students may have, we need you to complete a Diet Order form.


    If your child has a special diet order or a food allergy, please contact your school nurse for information.


    Medical Statement Form (Spanish)

    Medical Statement Form 

    Fresh Fruit Carb List

Check Procedures

  • Checks are gladly accepted. When you provide a check as payment, you authorize us to use information from the check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. You authorize us to collect a fee through electronic funds transfer or bank draft from your account if your payment is returned unpaid. Questions? Call 877-343-1823.
    Please include the following information on your check:
    • Full Name
    • Street Address
    • Phone Number
    • Cell Phone Number

New Charge Policy for High School Students

  • Effective 2015: No students will be allowed to charge a la carte items in the cafeteria. Parent(s) or guardian(s) of elementary, middle and high school students who must charge meals due to forgotten or lost meal money are responsible for repaying School Nutrition Services (SNS) for those meals within proscribed time periods. High school students will only be allowed to charge up to five (5) reimbursable meals. Once the fifth meal is charged, the high school student will not be allowed to charge additional meals until his or her account is fully paid.