Duty-Free Lunch

  • What is DUTY-FREE LUNCH?

    The Church behind the school is kind enough to let the PTA Hospitality Committee use their kitchen.  We schedule 4 lunches to be served to all the staff every school year. Denise Lunsford is the Committee Chair who organizes the events.  She does a wonderful job!  However, nothing would get done without the help of her committee members! This group cook, serve, break down and clean for every lunch, snack, or special event provided for the AO staff.  The teachers enjoy this day so much!  We really try to get donations and 90% of the food is donated.  Parents send in small food items and that's where the HUGE help comes from! If you want to help on any of the duty-free lunches, please email Denise or just show up around noon at the Church!  They won't refuse any help! 


    Who takes MY CHILD'S CLASS TO LUNCH while the teacher enjoys lunch?

    The Classroom Parent!!  If he/she can not do the days listed,  it is your responsibility to find another class parent.  You will need to call or email the class's parents.  If you can not find another parent or family member to take the class to lunch, please contact a PTA member or communicate your issue with Denise Lunsford.


    What if ANOTHER PARENT from my child's class can't take them to lunch?

    Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunts are always welcome to come in for the 30-minute lunch!!  



    What if no one from my child's class volunteers to BRING IN FOOD ITEMS requested from PTA Hospitality?

    It is the classroom parents' responsibility to bring in the food item or communicate the issue with Denise (the PTA Chair). 


     If you have any questions, please contact the Hospitality Chair: Sara Garrison AOPTA2013@gmail.com