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     ABSS Dental Services

    Dental Screenings for Grades K:
    The Public Health Hygienist with the NC Oral Health Section provides annual dental screenings in grades K and looks for possible dental problems.  Screenings are also offered to other grades at the request of the school nurse. 
    Tips for Good Oral Hygiene at Home: 
    • Assist your child with brushing their teeth twice a day until Grade 3 
    • Eat a well-balanced diet
    • Get regular dental care
    • Talk to your dentist about dental sealants for your child
    Dental Care Resources:
    • Alamance County Children's Dental Clinic- offers preventive and restorative treatment and is located at 1914 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC  27215; please call 336-570-6415
    • NC Health Choice Services

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