• Capstone Project

    Capstone Project 

    While completing the Capstone Project, students will grow in their learning as they apply and synthesize cross-curricular skills, employ appropriate and available technology and demonstrate their readiness for 21st Century pursuits. Each student will choose an area of interest to demonstrate these skills in a meaningful, practical way by producing a product documented in a portfolio and presenting findings in a formal speech to a panel of judges made up of teachers and community members.

    Research Paper

    Students will select an exemplar of their best research paper, written in standard format, throughout their high school careers as an evaluation of personal growth.

    Product/Service Activity

    Students will broaden their learning beyond the physical classroom:

    ·         Demonstrating independence, responsibility and time management

    ·         Locating and utilizing resources and overcoming possible obstacles

    ·         Synthesizing classroom knowledge and project research in a concrete application

    ·         Creating products and/or participating in service that will allow engagement and connection to real-world situations


    Students will demonstrate pride in their work and provide evidence of their learning:

    ·         Constructing a digital portfolio in Gaggle; may be viewed by the public

    ·         Reflecting on each exemplar selected and analyzing the growth it represents

    ·         Creating work-related documents such as a resume and application

    ·         Documenting the activities associated with the project


    Students will inform a public audience/panel about the process of their Capstone Project:

    ·         Preparing an engaging, organized, and logical presentation that summarizes key events and points of the process

    ·         Employing effective communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) and a variety of appropriate media

    ·         Expressing an evaluation of how challenges have allowed for growth through the experience

    ·         Adopting a professional appearance and demeanor during interaction with judges and in extemporaneous responses