Graham High School – Math 1 Course Syllabus and General Information

    Fall 2017


    TEACHER:  David Price


    E-Mail: Parents and students feel free to contact me at any time at --> david_price@abss.k12.nc.us


    TUTORING:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday after school from 3:30 to 4:30-4:45 unless otherwise noted on my whiteboard.


    REFERENCE MATERIALPrentice Hall Algebra I Textbook, Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt On-Core Algebra 1 Workbook and the new Math 1 Resource Book




      UNIT   DURATION                    TITLE

        1       9 Days      Reasoning with Equations and Inequalities

        2     10 Days      Linear Functions (Equations and Inequalities)

        3       8 Days      Systems of Equations and Inequalities

        4       9 Days      Exponential Functions

        5       5 Days      Radical Functions

        6      8  Days      Polynomials and Factoring

        7      7 Days       Quadratic Functions

        8      9 Days       General Functions (including Graphing Project)

        9      6 Days       Statistical Measures and Data Analysis

      10      6 Days       Connecting Algebra and Geometry

                5 Days       Semester End Review and Final Exam Preparation

                5 Days       Test Week 



    1. CELL PHONES - NOT Visible and NOT Audible
    2. FOUL LANGUAGE - NONE Allowed
    3. FOOD or DRINK - NONE (except H2O but not when using a Laptop)
    4. HATS/HOODS - NONE Allowed on Head
    5. BACKPACKS – PUT on the Floor and KEEP OUT of the Aisles
    6. GOLDEN RULE - "Treat Others as You would like to be treated!"   



    GRADES:   The student’s final course grade will be comprised of the 3 components based on the percent contributions for each component listed below:


    Component Percent of Final Course Grade

    First Quarter Class work, Homework, Projects and Test Grade 


    Second Quarter Class work, Homework, Projects and Test Grade 


    Final Exam (from Final End-of-Course Test Grade)



    The cumulative total grade for class work, homework, projects and tests for the first and second quarter will be based on the following percent distribution:


    • Class work –  10%
    • Homework – 20%
    • Projects –     25%
    • Tests –          45%  


    TOTAL            100%




    Homework will be given every night including every weekend and it is expected that it be completed and returned for review and grading in class the next school day.  Late work may be penalized or not accepted.           





    Class work will typically consist of the initial viewing of an instructional PowerPoint presentation (or other similar media resource) for the topic under study.  This will be followed by a Guided Notes Paper and an assignment in the Math 1 Resource Book or the HMH On-Core Algebra I Workbook.  Each student will receive his or her own copy of the Math 1 Resource Workbook




    It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work from class or homework due to an absence.  Missing homework papers can be obtained by the student from the “Covered Papers” notebook binder in the classroom and they are to be turned in by the day following the student’s return to school.  Missing work is recorded as a zero in the grade book until the student turns it in the assignment.




    Progress Reports will be provided to students every 3 weeks and these are to be signed by parents, caregivers and/or guardians and returned to me the following day.   




    At the beginning of the semester, your child will be given a copy of the new Math 1 Resource Book to use during the semester. If the book is lost or misplaced for any reason, a replacement copy can only be obtained for a cost of $40. If not replaced, your child will not have a textbook to use for the rest of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility to furnish and bring the following to math class each day:         

    • One 1” or 1-1/2” 3-ring binder         


    • One single subject notebook


    • Necessary pencils, erasers and notebook paper.




    It is the student's responsibility to maintain an orderly and complete 3-ring binder to organize all math papers.  The student will be given over 100 assignments to complete for this course and these papers must be kept organized in the student's 3-ring binder.  A number of the unit tests will be open-book, open-note, thus it is imperative that the math 3-ring binder be organized at all times.  These instructional materials and worksheets will also be reviewed prior to taking the final exam for the course. Binder checks for accuracy and organization will be made each Monday and will count as a class work grade.