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    Welcome to Western Alamance High School!  We are excited to have new students, and we will happily assist you in completing the enrollment process.  If a student is transferring to Western over the summer, it is a good idea to enroll well before the start of school.  It is not advisable to wait until the week before school starts to enroll! 
    Only parents or legal guardians may enroll a student.  Please bring the following information with you to enroll. 
    1.) The student's birth certificate

    2.) Proof of residency in the form of:  a current power bill, or the current lease on your apartment/house, or a current mortgage bill

    3.) Immunization records

    4.) The most current transcript (or 8th grade report card for incoming 9th graders)

    5.) Any custody agreement involving the student
    6.)  Any other information the previous school provided to you upon withdrawal