• Preschool 4 Daily Schedule

    6:30-7:30           Arrival (Multipurpose room free choice)

               Dismissed to Pre-k (Centers-Free Choice/Play Planning)

    8:30-9:00           Morning Meeting (Freeze Dance, Finger Play, Timeline calendar,
         Weather graphing, Share the News, Message of the day.)

              Hand washing/Snack

    9:15-10:00        Small Groups

    10:00-10:45      Pretend Play Center Time/Whole Group Literacy

    10:45-11:10     Self Care Routine/Musical or Smart Board
          Activity/Transition to Outside    

    11:10-11:35     Outside Play

    11:35-12:00     Hand washing and Lunch

    12:00-12:15     Bathroom, hand washing and water

          Nap and Quiet time activities (quiet activities on mat)

    2:30-2:45         Snack and hand washing

    2:45-3:30         Center time classroom (centers)

    3:30-4:00         Outside play (free choice)

             Center time classroom (free choice)

    5:00-5:30         Dismissal for Pre-K (Free choice in multipurpose room/classroom)