Welcome to Turrentine!
    Welcome to the TMS School Counselors' Webpage
    What do school counselors at Turrentine do?

    As school counselors, we do many things to help students overcome barriers to being academically successful.  Some examples may include, but are not limited to:

    Individual counseling
    Small group counseling
    Parent conferences
    Crisis intervention
    Large group (classroom) activities
    College and career exploration
    Referral to additional services both within and outside of the school setting

    We work closely with administration, teachers, the school social worker, the school nurse and school psychologist to provide the best possible support for all students.

    Who is your school counselor?

    Jennifer Lombard: serves 6th grade and 8th grade students. 

    Anquinarta Lee: serves 7th students and 8th grade students.
    Janice D. Stone: serves 7th grade students


    How to contact us:

    (336) 570-6150 (Phone)

    (336) 570-6210 (Fax)







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