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    For those with Mighty Girls who will be attending middle school this year, here's a great resource for parents and their daughters: "The Drama Years: Real Girls Talk About Surviving Middle School -- Bullies, Brands, Body Image, and More" by Haley Kilpatrick and Whitney Joiner. The tween years are a tumultuous time for many girls as they undergo major developmental changes -- physically, emotionally, and socially. For parents of tweens struggling to know how best to support their daughters through this period of change, "The Drama Years" offers invaluable insight on the challenges girls today are facing, including how technology such as texting and social media impact social dynamics.

    Filled with anecdotes from real girls, this solution-oriented resource provides practical strategies and advice on everything from body image to bullying based on Kilpatrick's work with Girl Talk, Inc., a non-profit tween mentoring organization she founded. While oriented toward adults, this book is appropriate for tween/teen readers as well and many parents find it helpful to read together with their daughters.

    To learn more about "The Drama Years," visit http://www.amightygirl.com/the-drama-years

    For a guide book specifically geared toward middle school girls, we highly recommend "A Smart Girl's Guide: Middle School" at http://www.amightygirl.com/a-smart-girl-s-guide-to-starting-middle-school

    For many books for girls themselves to help them navigate the physical, emotional, and social changes experienced while growing up, visit our "Guides for Girls" section at http://www.amightygirl.com/books/personal-development/guides-for-girls

    And, for resources for Mighty Girls in middle school, high school and college that address handling school stress, dealing with peer pressure and bullying, and figuring out future school/career plans -- as well as numerous recommendations for parents on how to support their increasingly independent daughters -- check out post on "Mighty Girls in Middle School, High School, and Beyond" at http://www.amightygirl.com/blog/?p=4352