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    Ms. Holly Houglan
     School Counselor
    Email: holly_houglan@abss.k12.nc.us                                                                                                         Phone:  570-6125

    Welcome to my Counseling Webpage.  Thank you for taking the time to visit! 

    I am a School Counselor here at Newlin Elementary.  I believe that we can create student success stories together by collaborating as a team to support each and every student.  My role as a school counselor is to assist in helping each and every child excel academically, socially, and personally by working with individual students, in small group settings, and large classroom settings.  I am part of the Student Support Services Team (SSST), and we work with students, teachers, and parents to achieve student success stories.  I believe when everyone works together in supporting and caring for our students they are able to thrive and be successful in all areas of life.-


    My name is Holly Houglan.  I am the school counselor here at Harvey R. Newlin Elementary School. I work with all students in the school, pre-k through 5th grade.  I conduct individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance. I began my position at Newlin Elementary in January of 2010.  I graduated from North Carolina A & T State University in 2009 with my Master's in Counselor Education.  Previous to obtaining my Master's degree, I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

    In my free time, outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my daughter, Rylie, reading, watching movies, listening to music, being outdoors, and traveling.  My daughter is in the sixth grade.  She is everything to me, my pride and joy.  I know, firsthand, the importance of a parent's role.  I can relate to parents by knowing that there is no other love like the love a parent has for his or her child.

    I care very much for your children, and I am here to assist in helping each and every child excel academically, socially, and personally.  I am very passionate about my work as a counselor.  I  really enjoy working with children, and I find this career to be intrinsically rewarding.  I love my job, and I am so fortunate to be here at Newlin.

    Feel free to contact me anytime at (336) 570-6125 ext.35408 or holly_houglan@abss.k12.nc.us.  I look forward to hearing from you!



    The Character Trait for the Month of March is:              good judgement             
    When someone has good judgement, they make goals for themselves and set priorities that will lead them in the right direction!  They think about the consequences of their actions and make good decisions using good sense.


       The Character Trait of the Month for February is: 

     When a person is brave and overcomes their fears, he or she has courage!!!  Courage involves finding the strength to face difficult situations or things we may be afraid of.  Once one finds courage from within his or herself, he or she feels confident and proud!

    "Don't be Afraid to Drop" is a wonderful book by Julia Cook to share with children about finding courage within yourself.  Every year, I share it with first grade classes and we make courage medals.  However, one is never too old to benefit from this inspirational resource!


     The Character Trait for January is:                                    integrity

    *When a person has integrity, they do the right thing all the time.  They follow their conscience and are honest, trustworthy, and truthful in all things they do.

    "Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody is going to know whether you did it or not."
                                                                    ~Oprah Winfrey~


    The Character Trait for November and December is:
    *See how many kind acts you can display this month, being kind to others makes you feel good about yourself!


    The Character Trait of the Month for October is:             respect             


    Remember to be respectful to parents, teachers, and other students.  A respectful individual shows high regard for themselves, other people, property, and their country.  A respectful individual understands that everyone has value and that we should treat others as we would like to be treated.

    The Character trait of the month for September is:
    Remember to be responsible, and always do your best!!!!

    Parents & teachers: talk to your students about responsibility this month. Point out responsible actions and praise your students when they are performing acts of responsibility!!!!



    Thoughts for Parents and Educators

    "Nothing you do for a child is ever wasted."  -Garrison Keillor-

    "If a child is given love, he becomes loving......if he's helped when he needs help, he becomes helpful.  And if he has been truly valued at home....he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others."    -Dr. Joyce Brothers-

    "Truly wonderful the mind of a child is."  -Yoda-







  • Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club Information


    This year's Newlin Distinguished Gentlemen's Club will begin in October! We are excited to have this year's Gentlemen's Club up and running!  It is going to be a wonderful year.  The Newlin Gentlemen are going to  be exposed to successful male speakers in the community!  They are going to learn leadership skills and apply them in the school through activities we will complete throughout the year!   They will also participate in college awareness activities. 


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