All teachers are to receive an orientation to the evaluation process within two weeks of their first day.
    All teachers complete a self-assessment each year (not collected but can be used to develop PDP).
    All teachers complete a PDP each year (using input from any summative data from the previous year for those who received one).
    All teachers receive an initial review, a mid-year review and an end-of-year review of PDP. Mentor collaboration and signatures are now a required part of this process for Beginning Teachers.
    All teachers should complete a record of teacher activities form collaboratively with administrators throughout the year. (Some data will need to be entered manually in the electronic form and some will automatically populate from within the system.)
    All teachers should receive a pre-observation conference prior to their first observation. This includes career teachers receiving only two informal observations a year. (There is no required pre-observation conference form.)
    The online evaluation system is accessed via PowerSchool (for administrators) and PowerTeacher (for teachers).   
    *  Link for All Staff:   https://my.ncedcloud.org/
    On the Principal's page in PowerSchool, the link to NCEES is located on the lower left side of the landing page under Applications.  In PowerTeacher, the teacher must click on the arrow in the top left hand corner under Term.  The link to the NCEES application will show in the pop up window. 

    The username for the online system is your UID number.   Your UID is located under "Personal Information" in TimeKeeper.

    ***If an employee is newly hired, the Finance Secretary at the school  will be the first to know about the new staff UID – since Finance Secretaries are advised when staff can access TimeKeeper (the UID is in Timekeeper).

    The classroom observation process should work as follows:

    A) An administrator observes a teacher and transfers that information into the online system during the observation or at a later date and saves the electronic observation. (A pre-observation conference should have been held prior to the observation if this is the first observation for that teacher during the year.)


    B) Once all information on the form is fully completed, the administrator informs the teacher to sign into the system and view the observation and the administrator schedules a time with the teacher for a post-observation conference to be held within a 10 school day window.


    C) A teacher signs into the system and views the observation in preparation for the post conference (teachers cannot make any changes to the data). Teachers can collect artifacts to present at the post-observation conference.


    D) The administrator will visit the teacher and make any necessary changes to the observation based on artifacts, the discussion, etc. It’s also possible no changes will be made. (If changes are made, the administrator can click the save icon and refresh the screen to view the changes. Do not click the "mark complete" icon yet since both parties will be adding electronic signatures.)

    E) Once administrator signs the post-conference step, then the teacher signs (logged in separately under teacher login).  After both signatures are completed, the teacher may type a written response to the observation - completed in NCEES.  After signatures and possible written response are completed, then the administrator locks the observation.  This allows the evaluation process steps to move forward to the next observation container.