• Marvin B. Smith Elementary School
    Marvin B. Smith Elementary School
    2235 Delaney Drive
    Burlington, NC 27215-5263
    Telephone: 336-570-6140     Fax: 336-570-6209
    Principal: Julie Hancock
    Assistant Principal: Matthew Tedder
    What We Offer:
    Our Smith School staff offers a nurturing, challenging and safe environment for every student. We provide an enhanced educational program for each child, enabling each to reach their maximum potential in academics and character development. Our teachers align instruction to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study; assessment results are analyzed regularly; and instruction is diffentiated to ensure continuous learning. Technology is a vital educational tool and is an integral part of our instructional day. We always emphasize high expectations and high achievement while making learning fun! 


    Teachers at Smith School use technology on a daily basis. Each teacher has a laptop with wireless internet access and an LCD projector for integrating technology into the curriculum. Students have the opportunity to access hands-on learning, create multimedia masterpieces and compile extensive research using our new iMac computer lab. In addition to this lab, Smith has a mini lab with twelve Dell computers running the Windows operating system and an additional Macintosh lab for our kindergarten students. We have 31 Smartboards to assist in enhancing the use of technology in the classroom. There is a large, flat-screened television in the foyer (the heartbeat of our school!) where we continually allow students to brag on themselves. They take pictures of themselves while working in the classroom, while on a fieldtrip, or even when working on an assignment at home. We showcase our kids’ talents via the Seabee Showcase all day on our television. Stop by and take a peek!
    Number of Computer Labs: 3
    Number of Computers in Labs:
         Kindergarten Lab-22
         Main Lab- 30
         Mini Lab – 12
    Mobile Lab: 2 with 12 Netbooks in each
    Media Center Computers: 4
    Computers Per Class: 1-2
    Number of Interactive Whiteboards:
          Smartboards:   31
    Principal's Quote:
    Julie Hancock
    “At Smith School, we smile, we learn, we make things happen with our Can Do Spirit.”

    - Julie Hancock, Principal

  • Fast Facts:

    Number of teachers: 40
       Teacher Education Level
       Bachelors Degree: 40     
       Masters Degree:    19
       National Board Certified: 6
    Teacher Assistants: 13
    Students Enrolled: 553(including Pre-K)
    Average Class Size:22
    School Colors: Blue and White
    School Mascot: Seabee
    School Motto: Seabees Can Do
    Feeder School to:
    Turrentine Middle
    Williams High

    Character Education:
    • Can Do Can Food Drive
    • Goodwill Challenge
    • Classroom Guidance
    • Red Ribbon Week

    Extracurricular Activities:
    • Orchestra
    • Outdoor Classroom
    • Science and Technology Day
    • WBCB Television Show
    • Safety Patrol
    • Cultural Arts Assemblies
    • Battle of the Books
    • Buzz Choir
    • Spirit Week

    Special Honors:
    • D.A.R.E. Graduation
    • D.A.R.E. Essay
    • Perfect Attendance
    • Art Awards
    • Presidential Academic and Physical Fitness