• The first file below is John Dryden's The Aeneid in text.  This translation of the Vergil's work is public domain and is available for free on line in various formats.  If you have an e-reader such as a kindle, you can easily download Dryden's translation and read it there.  If you do not have an e-reader, then you can read the epic from your computer screen using the first file below.
    The next 24 files are mp3 files of the Dryden translation.  Each book has been broken into halves (A and B) to keep the file sizes smaller.  Again, these audio files are public domain.  Feel free to download them if you like.
    The modern translation of The Aeneid that we are using in class is by Patric Dickinson.  This version of the epic is copyrighted, and that is why text and audio files of it are not posted here.